Nontraditional Credit FAQs

Bridging the Homeownership Gap

Becoming a homeowner is a dream come true for many; however, it can be an unattainable dream for some, especially minority consumers. Obstacles in affordability can be rough speed bumps on the road to homeownership.

At Enact, we work hard to make the dream of homeownership a reality. That’s why we’ve expanded on the GSE’s nontraditional credit guidelines to create accessibility for underserved, yet credit-worthy borrowers.


When do Enact’s Nontraditional Credit Guidelines apply?
Enact's Nontraditional Credit Guidelines apply when no borrower on the loan has a valid credit score.

What are the differences between Enact’s guidelines and the GSEs? 

  • Enact allows up to 97% LTV and 45% DTI
  • Enact allows Manufactured Housing and 2-4 Units
  • Enact MI rates applied are based on a 680 credit score

What loans are the Nontraditional Credit Guidelines for?
Enact's Nontraditional Credit Guidelines are for loans not meeting GSE AUS nontraditional credit loan requirements.

  • Loans receiving an Approve/Ineligible or Accept/Ineligible or loans that are manually underwritten may follow the Nontraditional Credit Guidelines.
  • Loans receiving an Approve/Eligible or Accept/Eligible recommendation or risk classification may follow the AUS requirements and Enact’s Simply Underwrite Guidelines.

How can borrowers without a credit score build their credit?
Borrowers may submit rental, utility, and other payments as a means of establishing a credit history.

How do I submit loans to obtain Enact's Nontraditional Credit Guidelines?
Simply run a rate quote or submit a loan as you do today and select "Nontraditional Credit".


Click here for more information on our Nontraditional Credit Guidelines.