Enact's COVID-19 Response and Resources

At Enact, we’re committed to protecting our associates and their families, as well as being there when our customers need us the most.

In response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, we have implemented a plan to help reduce the risk of exposure and transmission among our employees and allow us to continue to provide unparalleled service to our customers. We've made several changes and clarifications to our corporate policies.

Servicing, Homeowner Assistance, and Default Reporting

Learn more about Enact's alignment to GSE guidance to servicers through the bulletins below. For information about Forbearance, Payment Deferral or modification plans, our Homeowner Assistance Representatives are happy to help at 800-455-0871.

Accurate and timely default and workout reporting to Enact is critical during the COVID-19 crisis so that we can service your MI certificates efficiently and properly. The Automated Delinquency Report (ADR) and the Mortgage Insurance Loan Activity Report (MILAR) have been updated to include COVID-19 related "Reason for Default/Reason for Delinquency" (RFD) and Workout Program Name (WPN) code values.

View our tutorial on Default Management Delinquency Reporting and Workouts, with guidance on reporting COVID-19 related hardships. Servicing forms, including MILAR templates, are available on our MI Servicing website here. For single loan workout reporting, log in to our Online Workout Reporting Tool. For assistance on reporting, email Enact's Servicer Reporting Team or call 1-800-203-5355. 

You may also visit our Homeowner Assistance page or our MI Servicing site for more information. 

Servicing Bulletin 2023-02

Enact Announces Alignment with GSEs’ Updated COVID-19 Guidance

Effective Date 8-17-2023

Servicing Bulletin 2022-02

Covers updated MILAR templates to include HAF workout program.

Effective Date 4-25-2022

Servicing Bulletin 2022-01

Covers Enact's alignment with GSEs for foreclosure actions and HAF.

Effective Date 4-6-2022

Servicing Bulletin 2021-04

Covers alignment to GSEs' extension to foreclosure moratorium through July 31, 2021.

Effective Date 6-30-2021

Servicing Bulletin 2021-03

Enact introduces revised MILAR templates to assist in reporting loans with a Payment Deferral.

Effective Date 3-23-2021

Servicing Bulletin 2021-02

Covers alignment to GSEs for COVID-19 moratorium, forbrearance, and payment deferrals.

Effective Date 3-4-2021

Servicing Bulletin 2021-01

Enact Announces Alignment with GSEs for COVID-19 Moratorium, Forbearance and Payment Deferrals.

Effective Date 2-17-2021

Servicing Bulletin 2020-08

This Bulletin covers Enact's reporting requirements and a helpful table to help you know what's required from your organization.

Effective Date 11-19-2020

Delinquency Reporting (ADR or DOW) FAQs

This document covers what servicers are required to report, how to submit reports, and a helpful table for monthly reporting requirements.

Effective Date 2-7-2022


This document covers the basics of MILAR, where to find templates, reporting requirements, and more.

Effective Date 5-1-2022

Servicing Bulletin 2020-07

Covers a MILAR coding clarification for forbearance and payment deferral options.

Effective Date 11-10-2020

Servicing Bulletin 2020-06

We support and offer delegation for all GSE Payment Deferral options, including: Payment Deferral; COVID-19 Payment Deferral; and Disaster Payment Deferral. We've updated our guidance to include GSE Disaster Payment Deferral Programs.

Effective Date 9-3-2020

Servicing Bulletin 2020-05

Automatic workout delegation for GSE loans in Payment Deferral programs, including both standard programs and COVID-19 Payment Deferral program. New workout delegation guidelines for non-GSE loans in Payment Deferral programs.

Effective Date 5-19-2020

Servicing Bulletin 2020-04

We understand many of you have questions about insurance coverage during the COVID-19 pandemic. Rest assured, loans in forbearance plans associated with COVID-19 may be eligible for rescission relief.

Effective Date 4-17-2020

Servicing Bulletin 2020-03

Covers Reason for Default (RFD) code values for the Automated Delinquency Reporting (ADR) and the Mortgage Insurance Loan Activity Report (MILAR) for reporting loans where the borrower has experienced a hardship associated with COVID-19.

Effective Date 4-15-2020

Servicing Bulletin 2020-02

Covers our alignment to the Forbearance and Payment Deferral options for borrowers as laid out by the GSEs. Includes Enact reporting and submission requirements for Forbearance plans and Payment Deferrals. 

Effective Date 3-27-2020

Servicing Bulletin 2020-01

Covers our support for the GSEs' forbearance plan.

Effective Date 3-6-2020

Credit Policy and Underwriting Guidelines

Review the Credit Policy updates below for details regarding our GSE alignment. Full Underwriting guidelines are available here. For quick answers to general questions, contact our ActionCenter® at 800-444-5664.

Summary of Guideline Changes

Get a summary view of Enact's guideline changes as a result of COVID-19.

Effective Date 8-30-2020

Additional Resources

Access other helpful information from the GSEs and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau below.