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Underwriting Tip Sheets

Top 1Q 2024 delegated underwriting errors to avoid

Avoid common mistakes related to the following and you'll be on the right track:

  • Income/Employment Misrep
  • Occupancy Misrep
  • Obligations Miscalculated/Debt Excluded Affecting Ratios

Get the full list in the tip sheet below: 

Best practices and tips for underwriting and faster processing times

Use some of our favorite tips to make sure your files are polished up for faster processing times:

  • Proofread all information and check for inconsistencies
  • Make sure 2 years' of employment history and resident history is included
  • Flag any concerns in the app

Get the full tip sheet below:

Appraisal Checklists and Quality Control Forms

Checklists make everything easier if you ask us. Access our appraisal checklists and QC review prep forms.