POSs, PPEs, and Other Integrations

We want to meet you where you are. That's why we're integrated with several point of sale (POS) systems and product pricing engines (PPE) so you can quote us at the beginning of the origination process. Find out how we work within the systems below. 

As we work with our technology partners to update our new name and logo, you’ll continue to quote and order from us as usual. This might mean selecting “Genworth” from the dropdown until we can make that update to "Enact".

Optimal Blue® BESTXTM MI (PPE)

When you quote from Optimal Blue’s BESTXTM MI, pick Enact. Guides below.

  • Save your Quote ID and retrieve it later using Rate Express®
  • Save a PDF file of your Enact quote to the loan file for easy access later


View pricing from all integrated MI companies, and compare products side-by-side.

Contact Compass Analytics for user information and tips.

PMI Rate Pro

Displays rate quotes from all MI companies in one place. 

View Enact quotes in PMI Rate Pro. Contact PMI Rate Pro for user information and tips.

Cloudvirga (POS)

A front-end solution that allows borrowers to easily complete a loan application on any device. Includes pricing MI. 

View Enact quotes in Cloudvirga. Contact Cloudvirga for user information and tips.

Optimal Blue BESTX - How to pick us

Get familiar with how to pick Enact from your Optimal Blue BEXTX MI quote.

Optimal Blue BESTX Admin Guide - Single Org Configuration

A guide for administrators to configure Enact under a single entity.

Optimal Blue BESTX Admin Guide - Multiple Org Configuration

A guide for administrators to configure Enact under a multiple entities

Document Delivery

Our delivery partners help you send your documents quickly and securely.


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