Master Policy Resource Center

Master Policy 1980 was designed in collaboration with the Federal Housing Finance Agency, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac. This policy will improve process transparency, provide clarity of coverage, and offer clear resolution paths for all stakeholders.

Please contact your Enact Sales Rep with any questions.

Master Policy 1980 (Effective as of 3/1/2020)

Below are samples of Master Policy 1980 and resource documents. These are for reference only. Find information on Peak Portfolio's Master Policy here.


Master Policy 1980

Effective Date 3-1-2020

Home Suite Home Endorsement

Effective Date 3-1-2020

Master Policy 1480 (Effective 10/1/2014 – 2/29/2020)

View samples of Master Policy 1480 and its associated endorsements. These are a representative sampling for reference only. Lender-specific documentation is provided upon approval for a Master Policy.


Master Policy 1480

Effective Date 10-1-2014

Construction Endorsement

Effective Date 6-12-2016

Request for Reconsideration

Effective Date 10-1-2014

Resale Restrictions Endorsement

Effective Date 10-1-2014

State Level Endorsements

Effective Date 10-1-2014