Loan Officer Resources

Trying to stand out in a competitive market? Enact’s got your back with products and services that help you stand out among your peers and with borrowers.

LO eBook to Grow Your Pipeline

With all of the challenges you face today, you need a strong lead pipeline to keep prospects coming to you. Our eBook guide is chock full of tips and tricks you can implement today to strengthen your pipeline and maintain it successfully. Download it here.

Marketing for Loan Officers eBook

As a loan officer, marketing is a key part of what you do to reinforce your role as a resource for current and potential customers and partners. This eBook will help you derive marketing goals from your business goals, create and use several types of marketing content, and repurpose marketing content for in-person scenarios. Download it here.

No-Cost Borrower Benefit

Home Suite Home® is an exclusive Enact program that helps your borrowers feel more secure in their new home. At no additional cost to you or your borrower, upon closing, borrowers can select one of three benefits to add another layer of security to their lives.

FHA or Enact MI?

Use Rate Express® to compare your MI quote to FHA. We will help you evaluate your options to get the mortgage insurance that works best for your loan.


First-Time Homebuyer Kit

Enact's MI First-Time Homebuyer Kit includes a presentation and other materials that will answer homebuyer questions and provide you with tips and other resources to help you stand out. Request your kit today. Request your kit today.

Join Us on Social Media

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Homebuyer Privileges®

Our popular Homebuyer Privileges program is a great way to say “thank you” to your borrowers. By providing them with access to up to $7,500 in savings, your homebuyers can take advantage of discounts, rebates and special offers from over 300,000 local and national merchants.  And, best of all, there’s no cost to participate.

All About Gift Funds

Under Simply UnderwriteSM, gift funds can be applied by meeting Government-Sponsored Enterprise (GSE) guidelines.

Pre-Approvals for Faster Closing

In today's market, getting your borrowers pre-approved can make the difference when it counts most — when they're ready to buy. No appraisal yet? Submit online for a 60-day conditional approval. Learn how.