New to Industry Course #07: Understanding Credit Reports and Credit Scores

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Discover who prepares the credit report, what information is included, where the information comes from, and the different types of available reports. Understand how to use the codes included throughout each section of the credit report, plus increase your knowledge of the elusive credit scoring model and how it impacts the borrower scores. *For Non-Traditional Credit or Credit Trends, please reference Desktop Underwriter® Training. 

Learning Objectives: Learn how to review a Credit Report, how to understand FICO scores and the multiple models used in lending, as well as the legal requirements regarding disclosures on scores used in credit decisions.

Recommended Prerequisites: None

Recommended Audience: Mortgage Professional, Loan Officer, Loan Processor, Underwriter

In-Person Training: To arrange in-person training for your group, contact your sales representative. FIND YOUR REP NOW

  • In-Person
  • Live Webinar
  • Recorded Webinar

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